Getting ready for a nice stroll to town

We all took a break from the construction job and went for a long walk into town on Sunday, followed by bbq at Caleb and Tania’s.  Mizzy, Caleb’s dog, was still missing (she came back back two days later, after she went missing for a total of 5 days!)  During this time we hanged with Caleb and Tania also on Saturday night and actually had one of the most pleasant summer evening ever at Caleb’s brother house, cooking around a fire in their farm out in the country, chilling and talking while all the boys (oh so many little boys) were playing together.



The lil construction guy

Here a few shots of how inspired and excited Andrew is of all the construction going on in the house. He managed to hammer down one of the post along the railing, and loved to keep putting it back and hammering it away, until we had to completely remove it; the new ‘hole’ in the railing along the stairs pleased Andrew immensely since that became his new way of getting up and down the stairs, using his tool bench as the ‘first step up’.





The day after

The day after Demolition Day was Memorial Day Holiday and Caleb, Melissa and Perry came to help some more   The kitchen’s linoleum and underlying boards got removed, discovering a nice, thick wood floor, which is old but it could look nice once sanded… we’ll see.  This time it was impossible to keep Andrew out of the work room, he had to help some! So here are a few cute pictures.  Andrew got totally inspired by all the tools and work being done and can’t talk about anything else… it is all quite exciting to him.