Baby boy is 1 week old!

We are having the most marveolus weather here in Fairfield at the end of July! Which means we are having lots of meals and fun times just hanging out on the porch; nice walks around the neighborhoods, even with mama and new baby, and Andrew is playing outside a lot. Andrew is having a great time, he really just loves being out, playing soccer and baseball, playing in the sand box, tossing the ball to Jamal, watering the plants, riding his tricycle, helping dad with the ongoing house renovations, and then going swimming, bicycle riding, going for long walks, and playing soccer with nonno Gino e nonna Babi. What a fun summer! Andrew also has his daily sweet times with baby brother, laying in bed next to him, letting him touch his face, giving him kisses and caresses, holding him and getting excited (with big smiles) to every little thing baby brother does, like yawning or making funny noises. Baby boy no. 2 is very close to have a name 🙂 he is doing very well and seems happy to be here with us; he sleeps very well and eats a lot; he also likes to stay up in the middle of the night with mama and papa for a few hours; overall he is very easy going and serene. He makes lots of cute little sounds (Andrew was much quieter), something which melts the hearts of mama and papa. Oh I also wanted to mention how much Andrew is talking! He talks all day long and ohhh sings and sings and sings. He sang uncle Miki ‘happy birthday’ on skype last Tuesday and then he likes to sing the ‘happy birthday’ song to his baby brother, this morning he sang all morning long his own made up songs. He is talking now using nice, long, correct sentences both in English and Italian. He is also becoming very good in translating between the two languages. We are really proud of our big boy, he is happy and seems to have stepped into the big brother role quite well so far.

Nonni Gino and Baby have been of great help; not only Andrew is having lots of fun and doing lots of activities with them, but they are cooking and bringing over every meal, nonna is helping with the house, the laundry and anything else needed. We feel very very lucky that Rolli is able to take time off work to hang with mama and new baby; he is taking care of everything in the house and spending time with baby and Andrew so that mama can have an easy time.




Andrew and papa’ are heading to the MUM swimming pool.