In Italiano

– Massimo ha iniziato a prendere oggetti con le mani e a portarseli alla bocca da un paio di settimane.
– L’altro giorno si e’ messo il ciuccio in bocca da solo
– E’ molto interessato ad osservare le sue braccia e mani
– Rimane seduto sostenuto da cuscini
– In questi ultimi giorni ha iniziato a tirarsi su usando i muscoli della pancia, mentre appoggiato su di noi, e a sedersi da solo, rimanendo seduto senza sostegno.
– E’ contento quando ha tutta la nostra attenzione e ride quando lo sollettichiamo
– E’ diventato amico di Jamal e gli piace quando Jamal gli pulisce la faccia
– Ha iniziato a parlare molto con tante “aaa, eee, gaa, ghee, maaa”

– Andrew sa usare benissimo martelli, seghe, chiavi inglesi, scale, chiodi, viti, e molti altri attrezzi da lavoro
– Andrew non usa piu’ le palle quando gioca in casa, a meno che non siano soffici, altrimenti distrugge tutto; ha iniziato ad usare le palle immaginarie quando gioca con noi o con i suoi amici immaginari Una e Eliot
– Andrew e’ molto bravo a giocare a tennis con palle soffici e siamo sorpresi di quanto e’ bravo nel tenere l’attenzione sulla palle e a colpire la palla con la racchetta quasi ad ogni tiro.
– Andrew usa tantissima immaginazione nei suoi giochi e un giocattolo puo’ avere diverse funzioni oltre alla sua propria funzione; ad esempio i suoi tamburi sono anche usati sotto sopra per tenere le sue palle immaginarie o per cucinare; la racchetta da tennis e’ anche chitarra e tavola da surf.
– Andrew sta diventando sempre piu bravo a fare break dancing
– Andrew parla tanto e con tutti e non e’ per niente timido, anzi, saluta e parla con la gente per strada e ai ristoranti.  Fa un sacco di domande, e vuole sapere il nome e l’uso di tutte le cose che vede.

Boys update

Massimo update – 3 month old:

Massimo has been grabbing objects for a couple of weeks now and bringing them to his mouth

The other day he put his own pacifier in his mouth

He is very interested in watching his own arms and hands

He can sit while supported by pillows

The last few days he has been pulling himself up while lying on our arms to a sitting position, using his tummy muscles.

He is very interested in watching us doing things around the house

He is very pleased to get our attention and laughs and smiles when tickled or kissed!

Has befriended Jamal and likes him a lot even when he gets his face licked by Jamal’s big tongue.

He has been talking a lot with lots of “aaa, eee, gaaa, ghee, maaaa”

Andrew update – 2 year 4 month old:

Andrew mastered the use of hammers, wrenches, tall ladders, saws, nails, masking tape, and a bunch of other construction materials.

Andrew no longer uses balls inside the house, unless they are soft balls, because he simply throws too well and too hard; so now, he plays with imaginary balls, alone or with mama or papa’, tennis (his favorite) and baseball; he also plays pretend tennis with imaginary Eliot and Una; he usually keeps all his imaginary balls in a container, which often is the empty casing of an upside-down drum.

Andrew is very good playing tennis and we are surprised of how well he keeps his eyes on the ball and can hit it with his racket almost every time.

Andrew uses his toys for a variety of purposes, not just the intended one; for example the drums, one of his favorite, can be the holder of his imaginary balls or a pot where he cooks (using the flute as a stirring utensils) vegetable balls, like carrot balls, zucchini balls and such; the tennis racket (another favorite) is often a tennis racket but it is just as often a guitar and sometimes a surfboard too.

Andrew is really getting into break dancing; we were eating at Revelations sitting outside with Kirsi (it was last Saturday which was a beautifully warm October day) he break danced on the side walk for nearly an hour to the music of a nice girl who was playing her guitar for money; she loved the show and so did every passerby (he started break dancing after standing to watch her play for about fifteen minutes, completely oblivious to the guy next to her who was juggling sticks very skillfully: Andrew simply loves music).

Andrew is talking a storm; I just have to write down some samples of Andrew’s amazing conversations, so here they are:

Conversations with his friends “Una, do you want to come play with me?” “Eliot! Come play with me Eliot!” “I show you, I show you, look!” “Now you throw the ball to me” “Throw the ball over there I go get it; no, not that ball, pick up the big ball; yes yes that one; now throw it to me” “Eliot , Una , Julia, Kyran, follow ME! Go go I follow you!” “Are youuuu playing with the ball?”

Andrew’s conversations with mom: “Mom come play with me. You use the drums and I play the guitar; play mom play! Sing mom sing!” “Are you nursing Massimo, mami? Massimo is happy now, he is drinking mama’s milk” “Mama, what did Massimo say? (with very excited eyes) Mami Massimo said “Hi” He said “mama” He said “Buon giorno” “Mama I am bouncing Massimo” “‘Mami I am jumping on the bed, look at me mami! Are you happy about that?” “Mami snuggle with me I want to snuggle.” “I am playing with Massimo, I m going to be careful”… “Mama, don’t call papa’ like that (papa’ couldn’t hear so I called him out aloud), mama, call him like this (and he says with a very sweet voice) ‘papaaaa coooome upstaaairs amooore’; see mami, just like that” “Mama, what is this? Mama, how do you call this? Mami, what do I use this for? Mama, how do I use this?” “Mami are you putting on my pj? Can you read me five, no, EIGHT books?!” “Mami are you cooking? Are you cooking dinner for papa’? And for me and for you. Yes you are cooking dinner for papa’, for me and you. Mami can I have TEN cookies?” “I NEED the spatula. Can I have the spatula?” “Mami I go cook in my kitchen now; mama I make you a sandwich; I am making a sandwich for YOU mami! What do you want on your sandwich? Here is your sandwich, eat it? Have some mami! You like it? I go make you another one. Do you want tea, mami? How DO YOU TAKE your tea? do you want milk and sugar in YOUR tea?” “Mami I NEED my hammer, did you see my hammer? Where is my hammer? Did you put my hammer away? Oh goodness where did I put my hammer?”

Andrew’s conversations with papa: “papa papa do you want to snuggle with me? Tickle me tickle me!” “Papa I did a big poopo in the potty today!” “Papa’ look look I used my hammer over here. Are you happy about that?” “Papa’ I went to kinder gym today. It was so much fun! Way fun!” “Papa’ I did this, I did that…” “Come play with me!”“Are you working hard? Are you building mama’s new kitchen? What is this tool for?” “Are you busy on the phone?” “Can I hammer here?” “Papa’ I need some sheet rock, I need my hammer, did you put my hammer away in the work room? Can I have my big hammer please?” “I help you! I go up the ladder and I use my saw over there; see, like this, I use the saw over here like this” “Can I work over here papa’? I need more nails; I put in the nails; I put in the nails with my hammer; I put the nails in the sheet rock using my hammer; I go “bang!”

Andrew’s conversations with Brad: “Are you using your hammer? Are you using your hammer on that nail? Are you building mama’s house? Are you working on the roof? Are you using papa’s drill? Are you fixing mama’s kitchen? What is that tool? What is that tool for?” “Brad, are you busy working? Yes yes you are busy working” “Are you using the big saw? I stay here and watch you cutting the wood with the saw; I don’t want to touch that” “Brad, can I use my hammer here? I am working hard.” “Mama is calling; Brad I go for a walk now; bye Brad I see you later.”

Andrew’s conversations with passerby on the sidewalk: “Hi! Are you driving your bicycle?” “Hi, are you walking? Is this your dog? Are you walking with your dog? Where is your house? My house is there! That is my mama”

Andrew’s conversations at the restaurant with people sitting at tables nearby: “Hi, what is your name? Where is your house? My mama is over there; where is your mama? Where your mama lives?”

I just had to write down all this because he is so immensely sweet and his curiosity for everything is beautiful.