Massimo is sitting

Massimo has developed a lot during the last week of November. Just after his fourth month birthday his grabbing ability has improved noticeably, moving his arms smoothly and switching toys from one hand to another. He can also sit without support for a long time and loves it if we put a whole set of toys around him to grab, chew on and play with. He gets very busy for long period of times, picking up toys, playing with them, putting them down, picking a new one, switching hands, stopping to look around and light up the room with one of his smiles (he smiles a lot), resuming playing, then looks outside the window, watches Jamal with great interest, gives us another smile… so many things to do for the little one. He also loves to play with Andrew and Andrew is very nice to let him touch his face, he brings him his toys and tells him the names of his own toys while showing him how to play with them. Here are some pics of the cute little one.