Andrew is…

playing tennis with zio Charles right now 🙂
Andrew loves to play with all his imaginary aunties and uncles who are all far away, especially when mom is busy doing work around the house, he also plays with imaginary Eliot, Una, Tara and Kyran; he also plays with Jack, his friend who most of the times is a little doggy and who was a character in one of nonno Geoff’s made up stories from last summer.

Enjoying the last (maybe?) of the snow!

It snowed so much this year and we had lots of fun with it… These days we have been outside a lot enjoying this perfect snow and sunny days. Today, while Massimo was peacefully napping indoors, we were out for the usual snow ball fight (Mama vs Andrew) and for playing catch with Jamal; after that, I took Andrew on the sled and run around the house or block about 5 times, sometimes in very deep snow… great fun for the boy and Jamal and as for me, yes I did enjoyed it but I was also happily thinking to bake scones to reward myself for the good workout (of course followed by the dance/breakdance session).