Massimo’s kiss

Mama is rocking fussy Massimo to sleep on the rocking chair; Massimo raises his head from mama’s shoulder, looks at mama straight in the eyes and kisses her on the lips, a real kiss with the ‘smack’ sound… oooh mama melts and she smiles with a soft laugh (this is the first really good kiss, no longer the open mouth baby kiss, but a real oh so sweet kiss) and Massimo smiles then rests his head on mama shoulder again, relaxing his whole body;  then again he looks at mama, brings his face right in front of her and he holds her face with his little chubby hands, then kisses her again on the lips with a louder ‘smack’; Massimo smiles and then relaxes again on her shoulder letting himself relax to the sound of the Italian lullaby… oooh heaven mama is in heaven.  good night.

This morning while walking in the woods…

The boys are walking along,  checking out leaves, little rocks, sticks, playing with each other… after a while Andrew is holding his fists high in front of his face and punching the air straight in front of his eyes and says:  “Mama, mama, I am teaching Massimo how to fist fight! Look at this Massimo” OOOH… “Mama, can you get me a punching bag?”