Colorado trip pics … now follow this post :)

The very happiest moments for Andrew: climbing mountains and holding cousin Rafa ๐Ÿ™‚
Andrew had a fantastic time in Colorado: already twice he thanked us for taking him on the mountains and today he told us he had a very good time on our trip to Colorado… so sweet. He said he really liked holding cousin Rafa, seeing his aunties and uncles and he liked a lot going rock climbing (which is how he describes the long walk up a mountain and climbing on big boulders.) He named the bear that Kirsi gave him Cousin Rafa and likes to rock him on his rocking chair; he also named Massimo’s bear Rufu. Massimo had fun too, although he pushed out all three remaining canines during those four days in Boulder, so all considered he did pretty good! Now we are back in Iowa and to the delight of the boys we had our first snow.

Look at this not yet 2-month old baby Rafa… he is so big ๐Ÿ™‚ such an adorable, kissable baby…

Il piccolo… ha 16 mesi

This little one is now 16 month old.
He is a beautiful boy, very sweet and tough, very giving and strong minded;
he wants to do all that his older brother does, even if he is too little for it (and sometimes this gets him in trouble);
he likes to hold your hands when you ask him too, unless there is some serious exploring to be done;
he likes doing things by himself, and there is no dissuading him, but will often ask for help before getting frustrated;
he likes to talk to us for a long time, looking at us straight in the eyes, very sweetly, and using musical Italian intonations just like his mama.
He is very kind to Jamal and loves to tackle his brother, who likes to tackle him back.
Here he is, fully absorbed in exploring the new environment, careful and determined in his steps.