feb 25 – Bardolino

Our new style is to bring the boys’ bicycles on our trips so that we can go for long walks and do more exploring. It works great. On Garda lake the towns are often connected by beautiful pathways along the shore and we can walk for several kilometers while the boys have fun biking ahead and stopping to throw rocks in the lake. We also have picnics to save money and avoid restaurants, by bringing delicious organic sandwiches from home. The double stroller holds all we need and has an extra sit for Massimo and his bike if he gets tired. So cool.






At home at last

The tree boys were all smiles being all together after almost 3 weeks of Rolli and Andrew being in Fairfield. I am surprised how well the family did while a part, and we all appreciated the one on one attention. But now, together… such sweetness and so much happiness.



I LOVE the sleeping arrangement in our Italian house. The master bedroom is quite big, with a big door looking west and leading to a balcony, with the view of the forest on the hill, and a tall window on the north side, looking past the roofs of nearby houses to the high mountains in the distance. But what I love the most is that the room fits a big bed for us and the baby and a king mattress on the floor for the two boys and the occasional guest. It is very sweet to sleep all in the same room. In the pic above, Rolli just read the last book and ended up falling asleep with the boys. There is another bedroom that any of us uses if someone is not feeling well, or having an hard night, or if the baby wakes up early, it is a perfect escape to let baby play and mama meditate. In the mornings the sunrise colors the little forest on the hill and the sky above of beautiful warm, reddish light while we can still see the stars above; it is quite an awesome view from our bed.