Rinaldo Update – MARCH 30 – 6th month

Rinaldo’s sixth month has been very busy. The boy began the month that he could already crawl and within a few days he had perfected his style and started gaining speed. The little one was bursting with joy; his world had expanded so much; secure, curious, completely joyful became increasingly independent and increasingly detached from the mama; feeling safe being by himself, very engaged for long times in whatever new corner he had discovered; totally satisfied of being able to go and sit next to his brothers.

Oh how cute to find him crawling into his brother’s play tent and having Andrew read him a book; or how cute finding him with a hammer in his hand, sitting next to his very busy big brothers working on a big construction project by the couch; he felt is was one of the crew for sure.

Half way through his sixth month, Rinaldo figured out how to go from a crawl to a sitting position (no longer just by chance) and we were totally impressed on how he did it. It has been quite amazing watching him practice and exercise all his newly acquired abilities because he is very focused. One evening, naked in the bathroom floor waiting for his abjanga and bath, he was crawling around, then he set himself down, looked up at mama with a smile and then repeated the exercise over and over and over until he was sure he had learn how to do it.

By the end of his very busy sixth month he had began bringing himself to a stand by holding on to the couch or the kids’ little chair or a toy and then walking across the room while pushing the little chair… fast and laughing.

Becoming more active during the day, his nap times have become more regular and his sleeping has become longer often sleeping all night long with only one or two nurses; he also started going to sleep earlier (between 9pm and 11pm) and still sleeping ’till 8:30 (more or less) rather then his usual midnight. All is good with this baby and I must add, luckily, because with already two stinkers in the house it is a blessing to have the baby boy on a fantastic routine.






Via cara sopra mezzane

Celebrating 6 months for little Rinaldo, who is starting his first crawling expeditions. So far he seems to prefer the military style of crawling while on his belly using the elbows and he can get quite far like that, but he also does a few steps of proper crawl. His awareness has opened up quite dramatically in the matter of a few days during which his communications skills and hands movements have matured a lot; we observe, amazed, how quickly he began experimenting many new different ways to move his hands and to use the objects he holds, and how clearly he communicates what he wants. He is now chatting a lot more and using many new sounds. Oh he is so cute!