Rinaldo update – APRIL 30 – 7th month

Rinaldo’s seventh month has been very exciting and marked by a very fabulous event: he is putting himself to sleep, quite often.

The boy plays for hours stopping just ’cause he remembers to nurse. He is an explorer; has been practicing standing and walking while holding on something and even letting go with one hand; he cruised down the living room while holding on the kids’ stool or chair way too fast; he has also practiced standing and sitting down for a few days in a row until sure he got it down right. Now he really gets everywhere including places I wish he did not go like the platform up 3 steps on the staircase.

This month Rinaldo has begun tasting some foods … ‘about time’ he must have though, since he clearly has been demanding foods for a month now. Avocado, pear, apple, old hard bread and pizza crust. He is interested and seems to be enjoying them but he is not really eating much yet.

Teething has finally started to bother him a little. In one week he pushed out his first two, cute, tiny teeth (bottom front).

Now here the story on how he puts himself to sleep.

The little one has began to clearly demand some consistency in his evening routine. After the abyanga and bath, which now occur just a few times a week, he gets very excited about his alone time with mama and dad in the evening. First he signals for his books, and yes this is his quiet reading time; he has 3 very favorite books: two classic Eric Carle and “An island in the sun” by Stella Balckstone (he seems to love the rhythm of it and touches the illustrations very interested). Then, sitting on the couch which becomes a big bed, in between mama reading a book and papa on the computer, he plays. For up to two hours he hangs, plays, crawls up and down us, reads books, comes up to our faces to laugh a little and then goes back to playing; he smiles, giggles, talks, gets quiet and then excited; he crawls on mama for a nurse, plays some more, chats… until, tired he puts himself to sleep. Oh yes! We can hardly believe it but it happens over and over, he just goes to sleep, a leg, arm or head on mama, sometimes while socking on something, more often he acts as if his head suddenly became heavy during his play and he keeps looking for a sufficiently comfortable place to lay his head on, then his body follows and he sleeps. It is too cute.