The little ones’ conversation… typical

Massimo: We are done with our work! Let’s go now Andrew
Rinaldo: I am Rinaldo.
Massimo: I am papa. And you are Andrew.
Rinaldo: Are you papaaaa?
Massimo: Yes I am papa. We are done with our work now.
Rinaldo: I am mama.
Massimo: Nooo. You are Andrew.
Rinaldo: I want to be mama.
Massimo: I thought you were Andrew. I am papa.
Rinaldo: I am Angie!
Massimo: Here some more. Take these. (still working)
Rinaldo: I am Angie
Massimo: No you are Andrew…
Rinaldo: I want to be Angie… I want to be mama!
Massimo: Ok. (pause) Are we done with the work?
Rinaldo: Yes we are!
Massimo: Good work mama.
Rinaldo: Yes. That was a good work papa!
Massimo: Thanks. Let’s go now.

And in come two little ones with each a basket full of mint.

Massimo: Here mama. Look at this. Can we make mint tea? Oh! And can we make mint Popsicles too!

Loves of my life 🙂 Of course we can.

They also like to be Caleb, James, Nonno Geoff, Nonno Gino, Nonna Lesley, Nonna Baby and a few others.