“Mamma, look! I wrote my first beat!”

Andrew, this morning, did this while I was still cleaning after breakfast. Such a happy boy! He is full of excitement for having discovered that you can write music and wants to learn how. I was impressed when I discovered in the school room the process he used to write his beat. He then hopped away to sound it out on the piano.



A new addition to the family!

Papà surprised us all by dropping off a pianoforte, which we found in our living room when we returned from grocery shopping! An old piano for free…only in Fairfield! It needs some fixing but it sounds nice and the boys are thrilled.

Questo nostro bel papà ci ha fatto una sorpresa, che abbiamo trovato in salotto al ritorno dal supermercato: un bel pianoforte! Vecchio e gratis, solo a Fairfield! É da sistemare ma suona bene. I bimbi sono felicissimi!



Picnic in the rain

Unwrapping sandwiches and other treats… for a picnic in the rain… their idea. To watch em have so much fun with simple things makes me think of the many moments of innocent happiness and excitement in my own childhood, many of which were possible because of understanding mamas and papas.

Stanno scartando panini imbottiti e altre soprese per il loro picnic sotto la pioggia (una loro idea). Questi momenti di semplice felicita’ mi ricordano i tanti momenti di innocenti emozioni della mia giovinezza, molti dei quali sono stati regalati da mamme che capiscono 🙂