Homeschooling. Week 3. Day 2. Reading time

Andrew is reading every day and he is improving constantly.  He is currently favoring only English as he is getting a better grasp of reading it.  We have introduced the dictionary too, which has fascinated him.
Some days it takes a little convincing to get Andrew to read, some days none and others a lot, but once he starts he is happy to go on, and sometimes he takes on another book and then another; other days there is really a bit of clash; I suppose I am also still learning how to manage things and how to integrate my belief that practicing reading every day is important with my belief that freedom and a strong interest coming from the boy are also important.


Homeschooling. Week 3. Day 2. Morning walk.

We do have a lot of fun together.  My heart is full with joy.  True that some days are more challenging then others, but days like this are awesome.  Here Rinaldo wants to get on top of the tree stump with his brothers and they encourage him and let him figure it out.  A picture was approved!











Homeschooling. Week 3. Day 1. ‘The wise Sophia’ story. Letter V

In the afternoon Andrew asks me to draw a picture from the book he read, then we continue the ‘Wise Sophia’ story which we use to introduce math concepts and then we do some math based on the story; and then I tell them the Bros. Grimm’s tale ‘The vagabonds’ to introduce Massimo to the letter V.  Andrew is continuing learning cursive and doing a little bit of writing.