Rinaldo on a tree

He went so high on this tree that a neighbor from down the street had Massimo come and run inside to call me so I can get Rinaldo down. I came outside and assured the lady he was fine, then asked Rinaldo to show me if he was able to climb down. And he was able to climb down, notwidstanding the lady continuously asserting that he wouldn’t do it. Rinaldo kept telling her “Io sono sicuro qui sú! E sono capace di scendere da solo!”. ” I am safe up here! And I am able to come down on my own. ” We thanked her and I talked to Rinaldo about the dangers of going all the way on top and please not to do that again (which he did at least two more times). Hopefully he ll stay lower because of the cement underneath. Today he was climbing all kinds of trees. I suppose he is long enough now to do that. Last year he couldn’t climb up without the help of his brothers. This year he can and he is determined to keep on climbing. He seems to me that apart from the neighbors right around us, who are farmers from generations here in Mezzane and who support, so far, all the wildness of our boys which reminds them of their own youth, the majority of people here is convinced that kids cannot and should not do anything that is slightly dangerous and are totally over protective. Not all of course, thankfully, think our boys are wild as if that was bad. Let kids be kids, I say.