A young tiger snake payed us a visit.

Late at night, on the way to the bathroom Rinaldo tells us he saw a snake. We try to understand if it was one of the lizards we saw earlier, while we move stuff out of the way to find what Rinaldo saw. Nothing. Roland walks outside and there it was: a young tiger snake, as it was identified by Andrew, our snake expert, about 15 cm long. Andrew and Roland try to catch it under a see-through plastic box. In the process the snake comes back in and Massimo, Rinaldo and I (mamma) see it as it meets, just a few centimeters away, a redback spider. Nothing happens, the redback hides away and the snake stays put; it coils up a bit and raises it’s head. It goes back outside, Roland and Andrew catch it under the box and manage to put a lid on it. Then we all drive to a nearby nature conservation area and release it. That night we saw also a rat kangaroo, three kangaroos, a joey and three wombats! What a night 🙂



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