Ohhh the cake!

These are the pictures from Rolli’s birthday; a sunny and chilly February day. The lunch party at Revelations, and the famous carrot cake with Julie’s recipes, Rolli’s favorite and apparently Andrew’s favorite also… it was almost impossible to stop his eagerness to get his hands on it!

Queste sono le foto del compleanno di Roland; un giornata soleggiata e fredda di Febbraio. La festa di complanno a pranzo con amici, e la torta alle carote, la favorita di Roland, e sembrerebbe anche di Andrew! Cena davanti ad un film e pizza (la ricetta della mamma).









Yum! Pizza!


Farewell Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Uncle Miki and nonno Luigino are currently in Allahabad, India, with thousands more, to pay homage to Maharishi from us all. The pictures below are from BBC news site on the cremation ceremony. You can see Miki in the middle of the first picture! In two days Miki and Luigino will also be part of the ceremony of immersing Maharishi’s ashes and funeral flowers in the holy Sangam, the confluence of the three rivers, the Ganges, the Yamuna and the mythical Swaraswati.