Il parto… the labor

10:30 in the morning, Sept. 8 2011: It’s time… baby is coming! And he is coming fast! A 3 hour long labor. Baby’s birth was intense but sweet, in water, at home, the sun shinning. Baby was born in his own amniotic sac. September 8th, 1:20 pm, 7 1/2 lbs, 19.75 inches (3.75 kg, 50 cm); serene, alert, strong, started nursing immediately. All went well thanks to the amazing support of Rolli throughout labor, taking care of everything, helping at each contraction, recording events, ensuring the ideal position as labor was progressing, being both moral and physical support; and everything was sweet and smooth thanks to the support, knowledge and comforting presence of Diana. Grateful and joyful that this new soul was so well protected while arriving in our lives. We welcome you, beautiful baby boy!