Rinaldo learning to write in English

This morning Rinaldo stayed home while his brothers went to the Kether school. It is delightful to have special time with each of them sometimes. Rinaldo has been very interested in writing again, and this time he is writing lots on his own. He was very excited to do a lesson on English words, prompted by his question on how to write the sound ‘th’. This work was mostly lead by him. It was so fun watching him come up with techniques to remember what he had learnt, including having me delete all on the board so he could write down out of memory, and covering up things he already wrote down, asking me to ask him questions, and rewriting all we worked on for a final review.




Rinaldo’s note to the neighbord girl whose cat died

The outstanding part of this letter is that it was entirely conceived by Rinaldo, showing beautiful emphaty towards this girl. Also this is the first time he wrote words without any help, doing a splendid job of it. We just saw the finished work. Delighted by this growing boy.

“He is always thinking of you”.