July 18 Luna Moth

The Luna moth story. One day the boys found a huge caterpillar; it was beautiful. They decided to make it a house, feed it, and watch it. It became a cocoon. It stayed a cocoon for a few weeks. We decided one day to open the mesh and let it be free. It seemed to us the cocoon would never change. The following morning we found this beautiful, enormous butterfly (we later learned it is a moth, Luna moth). We got near it and it wouldn’t move; it let us touch it gently; we stayed in a awe for what seemed forever. Then it took off in a marvelous and gracious flight; it flew around us and then towards the flowers. What a marvelous experience for the boys! So thankful it came to say hello and we got to see it.



Andrew at his presentation at the home school meeting

Today was Andrew’s first meeting with the homeschooling group and he had to show and talk about something. He obviously choose surfing! He did a beautiful presentation, organized by himself with 6 main points! What an awesome kid! Well I know I am bias ’cause he is our boy but I loved watching him! I felt very proud and very lucky to be there and be able to watch him talking in front of his school group. He saw dad give a presentation a month ago and he clearly followed his beautiful example.

Oggi Andrew ha fatto una presentazione sul “surfing” al suo gruppo di studenti che fanno homeschooling (scuola in casa). Era il suo primo incontro e prima esperienza in una ‘classe’ ed ha fatto una presentazione molto bella; é stato bravissimo. La sua presentazione era organizzata da lui stesso con 6 punti principali! É stato veramente bello vederlo parlare con disinvoltura davanti a tutti.