Farewell Jamal Ciccio Wells

ciccio bello.jpg

Our four-legged boy, best friend, dear companion, the very joyful, clever, and fun Jamal passed away on May 1st. He had a peaceful day, hung out in the sun and in the shade of Roland’s old truck, said hello to us on skype and later that day took his last breath in the caring arms of our dear friend Caleb.

Friend and companion on many adventures, best traveler in the world, always welcoming excitedly all visiting family members and friends, protective of mama through her pregnancies, welcomed with sweet tender kisses all 3 of our baby boys, part of our family, always in the middle of our games, always part of the fun.

Jamal had a strong personality and a very joyful and wise soul.

Always excitedly expectant to be playing fetch every time the door opened, with mama, papa’, kids, friends, our good neighbor Bob, or any stranger stopping to say hi.

We will miss the wagging of his tail, his morning bark, his (un)expected kisses, his way of snuggling, his affection, his joyful presence, his excitement about life which lasted to the very last day.

We are very thankful to David for bringing Jamal to live with us when he joined our family 10 years ago. We are particularly thankful to Wyatt and Caleb for taking care of our dear boy, prince Jamal, during his last months of life; for all the trips Caleb took to the Vet and for being there with him during his last moments.

We cherish Jamal’s life, think of all the happy days together and we miss him very much. He has brought us a lot of joy and happiness. Thank you Jamal and farewell, we love you.


Roland & Angela & the boys

ps. we’re archiving photos and stories of Jamal here: http://www.andrewpietro.com/category/jamal/