The day after

The day after Demolition Day was Memorial Day Holiday and Caleb, Melissa and Perry came to help some more   The kitchen’s linoleum and underlying boards got removed, discovering a nice, thick wood floor, which is old but it could look nice once sanded… we’ll see.  This time it was impossible to keep Andrew out of the work room, he had to help some! So here are a few cute pictures.  Andrew got totally inspired by all the tools and work being done and can’t talk about anything else… it is all quite exciting to him.





Getting ready for….


Oh yes, we are crazy! We have decided to renovate our kitchen!  Just two months before the baby is due we get started… and with the kitchen, the dining room, and maybe more…. So mama did the big job of packing up all the kitchen and dining room stuff and of transforming the living room in living room/kitchen and dining area… then daddy began the big job, the planning, the design, the organization, and the demolition.  Demolition started on a Friday and we really wanted to get ready for Monday to start working on it, so we organized a Sunday’s Demolition Party where ten of our dearest friends all came to help.  It was amazing of how much it was accomplished in one day!  Many many thanks to Sandar, Steve, Caleb, Tania, Wyatt, Rachel, Kirsi, Big Andrew, Melissa, and also Jony for helping with delicious food for everybody!