“My daddy and I”

This is during a incredibly warm Sunday in the middle of this year’s long, cold, and snowy (yet always sunny) Iowa winter; the day after, as we woke up, all was covered in snow again!  … We were having breakfast on the porch, and the boy fell asleep with a bit of a pout.
Questa foto e’ stata fatta domenica, in un’ improvvisa giornata caldissima nel mezzo di un lungo, freddo e nevoso (e sempre soleggiato) inverno dell’Iowa; il giorno dopo, come ci siamo svegliati, tutto era di nuovo ricoperto di neve! Stavamo facendo colazione sulla veranda ed il nostro bimbo si e’ addormentato un po’ imbronciato.




“I love Loise’s painting!”

Loise, thank you, really, for your beautiful painting on the wall. Andrew loves your painting more than anything else in the world. He loves looking at it and touching it, and all the while he jumps up and down and looks happily at us. In the pictures below, Andrew was very upset because he is teething again and has a cold, so we were trying to calm him down walking him around, then I decided to bring him in front of the painting and his unhappiness immediately turned into a smile… it is amazing how babies can just switch like that. He started jumping with excitement while on my arms and then pushed really hard against my body to try to get off and go touch the painting. So here he is, checking out the beautiful flowers and the waive, on his own and happier.