Mama reads, boy plays.

While mama does her homework reading, the boy plays in the sand box and yard.  We love it here in Iowa in September because the days are still warm and sunny but it is much less humid and hot then August.

Mentre la mamma legge, il bimbo gioca.  Settembre e’ uno dei nostri mesi preferiti qui in Iowa perche’ c’e’ il sole e c’e’ caldo, ma si sta molto meglio che in Agosto, che e’ umido e caldissimo.





Sunday fun at the Reservoir and party at Jonathan and Louise’s house

Today was Roland’s high school reunion’s picnic and we spent the day at the Reservoir. We played long hours in the water with Tae, Sarah, La, Matt, Kristen, Emmy, Al, Ali and Jamal. It was a marvelous day! Hillary showed us her beautiful book collections. We had treats, talked to people, played with Jamal, chased after the kids. It was great fun. After the reservoir, home for a little abhyanga, bath, rest, and dinner. Then we had coffee with M, K and S and headed to Jonathan and Loise’s farm house for an awesome party. Jeff & Theo were djing and Andrew loved the beat and danced a lot. It was a fun night and perhaps Andrew’s first night party; he was cute, sociable and fun; he danced, hugged, talked, kissed, and passed out the minute we sat him in the car-seat. Our boy loves to be out and about.







Andrew with Tae, La and Emmy

Sarah and Tae are in town! This afternoon they came over the house to spend some time with us, it was such a beautiful sunny day we stayed outside and the kids played in the sand box. Tae loved the sand box! She immediately got very busy building castles, making pies, molding mountains and roads, and Andrew helped out a lot and was very fascinated by it all and so very interested in all the possible fun things Tae was doing with SAND. Later on Emerson and her parents Al and Ali stopped by, and a few minutes later La, Lu and Kristen paid us a visit too. We are loving having so many friends around.









Fun Wednesday

Here a few pics of this Wednesday’s fun play date with lots of babies and toddlers! Then a few pictures of Al’s birthday bbq party, which was very laid back and fun, also with lots of kids… all very interested in Jamal who definitely had the most fun of all, jumping in the pond to fetch sticks the entire time.

Mercoledi’ nel tardo pomeriggio abbiamo avuto una decina di bambini a casa nostra ed hanno passato un paio di ore a giocare mentre noi mamme abbiamo bevuto il caffe e chiaccherato tutto il tempo. La sera siamo andati alla festa di compleanno di Al, un barbeque nella fattoria dei genitori di Al; ci siamo divertiti molto ed il nostro Jamal si e’ divertito piu di tutti a tuffarsi nel laghetto per andare a prendere i bastoncini che i bambini coninuavano a tirare!









Wednesday Baby Party

This weekend Roland has his ten year high school reunion and lots of Roland’s friends are in town to attend it.  It has been great fun to see so many friends we haven’s seen for a while, to meet their kids and spend some time together.  This Wednesday we invited some of them to the usual play date so that’s how we had 10 kids playing in the house!  It was great fun.  Here a few pics with La, Emmy and Eliot… I don’t have many pictures since it was quite a busy day 🙂







La and Lu over for lunch.

Andrew is teething (pushing out the other three molars) so perhaps these aren’t the greatest pictures, also Lu was trying to say something and anyway it seemed impossible to have a picture with all three of them smiling at the same time.  But we want to remember this beautiful day with the Levi’s over for lunch!  Andrew was very fascinated by the girls and loved playing with La.  We love La, Lu, M and K!





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