Andrew and Eliot

This Sunday Eliot came to play with us for a couple of hours, after we had breakfast together with his mom at Paradiso’s. The boys had lot of fun, they played with cars, balls, puzzles, and the train; they watched the squirrels from the window, counted the cars and trucks passing by, and they got lots of kisses from Jamal. Here a few pics, although it was quite hard to take pictures of two little boys, they just wouldn’t keep still 🙂





Una and Andrew

This Wednesday’s play date we had a wonderful, warm day! We took the kids for a long walk around the neighborhood, we said hello to all the kitties and doggies along the way, and we even stopped a few houses down to say hello to Kalena and get a piece of bread for the rest of the adventure. Back at home, they all ate their dinners, and then Una and Andrew had a very sweet moment reading books together.




“Hello all! Mama and papa have been very busy…. yeah I keep them busy…. eheh…. Nooo, really, the thing is that they are always doing so many things! But here are finally a few recent pictures, and hopefully they’ll get organize to post the pics from Australia. Love to all!”

“Can you tell that mama gave me an haircut?”