Bit of news

Andrew has been doing great, notwithstanding some very annoying teething that some days gets him very angry and sometimes in tears.  But a little towel soaked in cold water seems to do miracles on his sore gums.  He is quite smart trying to get distracted and letting us know that his mouth hurts “bua alla bocca… mama read book to me… read to Andrew please….”  He is becoming amazing in communicating, letting us know what he wants, what he feels and telling us stories.  Oh the stories he tells, some quite complicated, are so cute.  His favorite stories these days are those of the baby chicky he held on his hand (and then the chicky jumped off his hand and flew in the box), of the bunny rabbit in the cage that he touched with his finger (and the bunny rabbit kissed it), of the fight he had with Eliot (Eliot scratched him and Andrew pushed Eliot away), of the kitty he pet on the sidewalk, and of the baby who is growing, growing, growing, and then (claps hands) ‘comes out!’; he loves telling the story of anything exciting that happened to him during the day.  When he gets hurt, he runs to mama mostly to bring mama on the spot where he got hurt ‘come mama come big boom’ and explain what happened.  If he has to think of a word, or recall an event, he rolls his eyes to the sky to think of it…. amazingly cute!  He loves being outside, playing with Jamal, cooking in the kitchen with mama, tackling daddy when he comes home, reading books, drawing, jumping and climbing on anything, playing with cars and trucks, with his animals and puzzles, and helping cleaning the house, folding clothes (sort of), even making the bed and he loves telling jokes we don’t understand and then laugh at them loudly. This boy is so much fun 🙂

Crazy kids

Lately one of the fun activities at play group is to get upstairs, on the bed, and jump, roll, pretend to sleep, tickle, throw pillows, snuggle… so much fun!

Andare di sopra e saltare sul letto e’ uno degli ultimi giochi preferiti di Una, Eliot e Andrew…. sul letto si salta, si fanno le capriole, si fa finta di dormire, si fanno le carezze, si fa il solletico, si gioca con i cuscini, si fanno le coccole…. che divertimento!



This morning I made myself some nice toast with vegemite, took a bite and left the plate on my desk to go get my tea.  Well, guess who was happily munching on my toast when I got back? My little aussie boy, that’s who! So cute.  He liked it!