Love, happiness, joy, sweetness, and more love.

It’s a miracle ? our hearts are filled with love.

Andrew first day and night with us felt like a fairy tale, a beautiful dream, a miracle. For that matter, also all the days that followed, but those first few hours were particularly magical and we just couldn’t stop smiling. From the very first moments our baby boy was very alert and very strong; he immediately could lift up his head on his own, and keep it up, to the amazement of all the nurses! He also could grab our fingers very strongly. He ate immediately and for about an hour! During the day we hang out and we observed that he has a sweet and gentle nature, and he was incredibly curious about the world around. He slept well through his first night, with a few quiet feedings while half sleeping; one time he woke up and we had him back to sleep on the notes of Miles Davis. The second night we transferred him from his very cute crib, where he nevertheless seemed comfortable and happy, to the bed with us and so we slept even better because we did not need to get up to get him for nursing; everything felt very smooth and sweet. He slept with us from that day forward. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Caleb was the first who came to meet Andrew, and brought us some supplies. Andrew was very happy and comfortable in Caleb’s arms and interested in hearing Caleb’s voice. “Thank you Caleb for all the help, love and support. You are just wonderful.”