Loving the beat.

The boy and teething… it is sad sometimes how much this teething business hurts… but we get through it. It is quite amazing actually how Andrew always looks for distractions, books, drums, toys, sand box, a nice walk, and he keeps on smiling. Yesterday we found something that really cheered him up! “Music coming out of those strange things over my ears… and different sounds playing on each side!.” It was funny how he would look left and right at first following the beat, and then just started laughing and dancing. He is listening to Waterfalls by TLC here and seems to be loving it.





Il nostro bel bambino ha ancora male per via di questi dentini; e’ incredibile pero’ quant’e’ bravo Andrew a cercare di distrarsi, con i libri, i giochi o anche solo una passeggiata; e non smette di ridere ed essere contento. Ieri abbiamo provato qualcosa che l’ha veramente sollevato, musica! “musica che esce come magia da questi cosi sulle orecchie!”.